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Joanne Curtis

Scenic Artist

I am a Scenic Artist  based in Glasgow, Scotland - although I am always happy to travel for work. I have 5 years experience in the industry, with a wide range of jobs in film and tv, theatre, theming and festivals. Over the last few years, the Scottish film industry has boomed and I've been lucky enough to have lots of great jobs, painting for several feature films and major TV series.  I also paint murals, both privately and commercially, indoor and outdoor, and believe no wall is too big for a splash of colour! 

I trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, graduating in 2019 - however I got my first film job in 2017 and continued working, and RCS let me get my university credits from working in the industry. I am incredibly grateful for this, and I feel it certainly gave me a leg up and a deeper level of training. In February 2019 I travelled to New York to undertake an internship at Scenic Art Studios, a company that primarily paints cloths for Broadway shows. This was an incredible experience and I learned so much about cloth painting, and made me keen to seek out similar jobs and opportunities back home. Later that year I started working for Scenic Projects in Lowestoft, UK, who paint cloths for clients such as QDOS and other major Pantomime Productions. 

I also complete a lot of my own artworks, private commissions and side projects. In Lockdown I learned to sign paint, and started a small side hustle painting signs on scrap wood that I'd saved from the skip from film jobs, as I hated to see the waste. I began selling these and set up an online store and social media site to promote my new venture, "Homeslice". I love that Scenic Art can require such a wide range of skills and I will never tire of learning and furthering my own practice. I have a sunny studio in the West End of Glasgow and when I'm not at work, I can usually be found here painting away!

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